Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support Black Film Archive?

At the time of writing this, Black Film Archive is fully self-funded. If you want to help sustain the Archive, you can shop our merchandise or purchase a paid to the Black Film Archive Substack. You can also spread the word about the site.

Why stop the Archive at the year 1989?

Initially stopping at 1979, the Archive has expanded to include the 1980s! The 80s will be a curated selection of films that focus on the Black independent boom that happened after major Hollywood studios stopped investing in Black cinema after the commercial failure of The Wiz (1978).

How often will the site be updated?

At the beginning of every month, Maya will update the site with comings and goings. But as Maya discovers films throughout the month, she will add them here. You can contact to add missing films. 

Is this every Black film?

In short, no. Some streamers have made it harder to manually comb through their database. Maya is also slowly adding additional films, including those for rent. Please contact her if something is missing.

Can I submit a film to the site?

If it fits the criteria, please feel free to do so.

Who runs the site?

A pretty swell person, Maya Cade.

What do you have planned next?

I won’t reveal every dream just yet but just know an expansion is happening in the future and it is genuinely exciting.

How can I see all films?

The All Movies page is here and a link to it is on every individual film page. Every film is also on the bottom of the Homepage.

Which film is on the homepage banner?

Carmen Jones

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