Photo by Gioncarlo Valentine in New York City’s Film Forum.

Maya Cade

Maya S. Cade is the creator and curator of Black Film Archive and a scholar-in-residence at the Library of Congress. She has been awarded special distinctions by the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Society of Film Critics for the Archive. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Paris Review, Vulture, among other publications. She is the fall 2022 programmer in residence at Indiana University’s Cinema and was the fall 2021 research fellow at Indiana University's Black Film Center & Archive. Originally hailing from New Orleans, Maya is based in Brooklyn.

Black Film Archive is a resource Maya has been hoping to discover for as long as she can remember. In June 2020, she decided to start building it herself. Every word on Black Film Archive is thoroughly researched and lovingly written by her.


Black Film Archive would not be possible without the ongoing support of my assistant Tiye Johnson, and all that champion my work. 

Special thanks to Julia Craven, Andrew Chan, Travis Brown, Odie Henderson, Stacie Williams, Yasmina Price, Christina Tucker, Hillary Weston, Dorothy Berry, Miriam Bale, Ashley Clark, Zandashé Brown, Stephanye Watts, Penelope Bartlett, Michael Lieberman, Bob Clewell, Jourdain Searles, Carlos Valladares, Elizabeth Adetiba, Melvin Cade Jr., Sasha Cade, Justice Namaste, Carina del Valle Schorske, Dasjon Jordan, Ryan Clarke, the Rivers family, Merrill Sterritt, Robert Daniels, Joi Childs, Cynthia Francillon, Ignacio Montalvo, and all that spoke this into being. Thank you. 

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